View from Dresden Rockau over Elbe valley into south-western direction. If the wether is good you can see the Quohrener Kipse or the bridge about the Lockwitz valley.

Temperature 24h

  • T max: °C
  • T min: °C
  • T average: °C

Temperature 365d

  • T max: °C
  • T min: °C
  • T average: °C

Rainfall 30d

  • R max per day: mm
  • R complete: mm

Rainfall 365d

  • R max per month: mm
  • R total: mm

Wind 24h

  • Wind max: km/h
  • Wind average: km/h

Air pressure 24h

  • A min: hPA
  • A max: hPA

Humidity 24h

  • H min: %
  • H max: %