General terms and conditions


To the business relation between georelief and the orderer existing exclusive the following general trading conditions. doesn`t recognize deviating conditions of the orderer.

Contract conclusion

The sales contract is achieved, as soon as you mail the order and our order confirmation received at your E-Mailbox.


You can recall the contract explanation within 14 days without indication of reasons. For keeping the revocation, the despatch of the commodity or the revocation within the revocation period is sufficient. The revocation period begins with receipt of the commodity. Forwarding expenses, those accrue by a revocation, pay the orderer.

If the requirement for a freedom of shipping costs is not fulfilled after a revocation, we reserve the right to charge the shipping costs afterwards.

Revocation consequences:

In the case of an effective revocation the benefits received on both sides have to be refunded and if applicable, to issue uses (e.g. interest). If you can not refund the received benefit to us totally or partly or only in worsened condition, you must pay the damages to that extent.

During a return within 14 days from a goods delivery, you have to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered. Otherwise the return is free for you within 14 days.


Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery will be made from the store of georelief to shipping address indicated by the orderer. Data about the delivery time are non-binding, as far as exeptionally the date of delivery was not obligatorily assured. Delivery of the goods is made usually at the latest after 10 working days, under normal conditions after 3-4 working days.

Maturity and payment, delay

The orderer can pay the purchase price by invoice (under § 6 conditions specified). If the orderer comes into delay of payment, georelief is authorised to demand interests at a value of 5 % over the basis interest rate per annum announced by the European central bank.

Characteristics of the purchase on account

Payment on account is possible only for consumers over 18 years. The invoice amount becomes due with the receipt of the invoice.

Reservation of proprietary rights

Delivered products are up to there completly pay property of georelief.

Liability for defect products

Is an Product defect, legal regulations are valid. The cede of these claims of the client is excluded.

When there is nothing else described in the following text, other cedes of the client -- indipendent from which lawreasons – is excluded. Because of that, georelief do not liablite for defects which did not arised to the delivered product; espacially georelief do not liabilte for lost profit of the client.

The described limitation of liability is not valid, when intent or rude negligent the reason for the defect is, or injury to persons exists.
It did not valid to, when the client makes legal claims assert.

When georelief breaks negligent an fundmental duty, the duty of replacement for damage to property is limited to typical arised defects.

When the defect porducts were replaced by georelief, the client has to sent the defect product within 30 days back to georelief. Sending costs will be payed by georelief. The way to sent defect products to georelief have to be done by legal rules.

Data security policy

Georelief assures to you, that your data only will be used to send you news about georelief. An dissemination to thirds will be excluded.