We made it to our task, to give a real, detailed, optically sophisticated and comprehensive impression of the pictured landscape to the users of our products. By using the 3rd dimension completely new perspectives were created, which weren`t even transmitted by the computer technology.

At the moment we have Orthophotoreliefs and topographic landscape relief in the program.

Orthophotoreliefs are reliefs printed with aerial photographs (orthophotos). These can be used mainly in scale ranges between 1:10.000 and 1:500.000.


  • optically very appealing
  • because it’s very close to reality
  • maximum information density
  • higher recognizability value in nature
  • cartographic emphasized objects are very accurate to the real position

Topographic landscape reliefs can be manufactured for all scale ranges. Here selected information is represented. Topographic landscape reliefs of georelief distinguish from the competition by your very detail faithful rendition of the surface condition.


  • represented information is evaluable for each user
  • very good representation possibilities of the relief form
  • most different topics can be taken up to the map picture